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ভাল মানের iPad ECG Machine বিক্রয়ের জন্য
ভাল মানের iPad ECG Machine বিক্রয়ের জন্য
Good quality and good service

—— Dr.Alam from Egypt

Perfect product,small and smart!

—— Mr.Yann from France

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VALES & HILLS Biomedical Tech. Ltd.

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VALES & HILLS Biomedical Tech. Ltd. VALES & HILLS Biomedical Tech. Ltd. VALES & HILLS Biomedical Tech. Ltd. VALES & HILLS Biomedical Tech. Ltd.
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কোম্পানি বিবরণ:

ব্যবসার ধরণ : উত্পাদক
প্রধান বাজার : উত্তর আমেরিকা
দক্ষিণ আমেরিকা
পশ্চিম ইউরোপ
পূর্ব ইউরোপ
পূর্ব এশিয়া
দক্ষিণ - পূর্ব এশিয়া
ব্র্যান্ড : V&H
এমপ্লয়িজ নং : 100~500
বার্ষিক বিক্রয় : 1 Million-3 million
বছর প্রতিষ্ঠিত : 2004
রপ্তানি পিসি : 20% - 30%

Ⅰ. Rest ECG developed on iPad, iPhone and iPodtouch


  1. The first professional elsctrocardiogram (ECG) product developed on iOS portable device.
  2. High-definition ECG display thanks to its Apple high resolution screen and anti-aliased algorithm.
  3. Automatic measurements and interpretations.
  4. WiFi and 3G compatible.


Ⅱ. Cardiac Stress System


  1. Integrated with TI 12-lead ECG IC, the data acquisition system was designed in digital form with special high specification parameters in sampling rate, resolution, CMMR, dynamic range and electrode potential.
  2. Two patented technologies: multi-channel synchronous A/D and myoelctric filter based on ECG spectrum power.
  3. Depends on above 1 and 2, the system is specially featured in its super-stable and noise-free ECG tracings even at steep grades.
  4. Impedance testing and real time electrode loss alarm.
  5. Real time ST-T measuring and arrhythmia detect and tracing.
  6. 6 minutes walking test (6MWT) in rehabilitation with treadmill.

Ⅲ. ECG Network

Designed on browse server with the advantages:

  1. Cross platform: Windows, iOS, Android…
  2. Without location restriction.
  3. Without device restriction.
  4. Without device belongings restriction.
  5. Statistics and fuzzy qurry.


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VALES & HILLS Biomedical Tech. Ltd.

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